What people are saying:

"Katina did amazingly! Client was thrilled. Thank you!"

Michael Maney, Producer, Simon & Schuster

"Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know you did a fantastic job on my Tritcheon Hash for It sounds fantastic!"

Sue Lange, Author (in email to Katina)

"That narrator is phenomenal!"

Rosanne Zoccoli, Director, Production and Affiliate Services,
A&E Networks (A&E Biography: Anne Frank)

"Katina's rich, distinctive voice, uncanny ability to make sense of what she's reading, and technical precision, keep her at the top of my talent list."

Bruce Kaiser, Producer/Director, Kaiser Sound LLC

"As a broadcast professional, Katina has spent her career developing and using her voice. She is a sought after, world class speaker, whether in the recording studio or in front of the public, and for the past 15 years, she has been the 'voice' of all of our work here at Lichtenstein Creative Media."

Bill Lichtenstein, President, Lichtenstein Creative Media

Reviews by listeners of audiobooks from website:

– I like the audio edition of this book because Katina Kalin does a perfect job of narration. With all the tensions of the real world, the combination of her as a narrator and the adventures of Georgia and Sid is a welcome refuge. I look forward each fall to hearing her read books in The Family Skeleton series.

– Katina Kalin does a great job of bringing this zany story to life.

– Katina Kalin does a wonderful job of bringing it all to life.

– I gave Katina Kalin 5 stars because she does an outstanding narration, has a lovely voice and catches even the most subtle of innuendo's. A very skilled narrator.

– Narrator Katina Kalin is excellent. I was never confused about which character was speaking. And I was never distracted by extreme character "voices".

What does Katina Kalin bring to the story that you wouldn't experience if you just read the book?

– A very good storyteller who brings you right into the book.

– Narrator is excellent.

– I really enjoyed this story, as well as the first one. I'm hoping there are more to come. The narrator was perfect.

– I realized half way in that I just accepted Sid's voice just like the human characters! The cadence of his voice was steady and perfect for who he was. All the characters were well read and appropriate. You could hear the age and gender differences and they were right on.

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